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Education-Eaze is dedicated to summarizing the daily official tasks, which takes our client’s precious time and energy. Being a human being, an official/clerk (adopting a manual way of working) can make a mistake which creates a huge problem. Education-Eaze ensured that all these jobs may be done without any error/omission.

Education-Eaze also provides their clients field related skills which save money and effort, these skills can be helpful for clients in future as well.

Our team faced numerous problems in daily fieldwork as a single official could not manage his tasks more efficiently due to heavy workload. Consequently, our team prepared this platform which clearly depicts through its name that it gives ease to the clients.

Nevertheless, if a client still faces any complication using this site or requires any kind of material related to the field, our team is always passionate to resolve the issue 24/7.


Shams ur Rehman

Cheif Executive Officer

Aqeel ur Rehman

Director Development

Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer Ahmed

Accounting & Finance Coordinator


Usama Azam

Managing Director & Founder


Mubashir Mushtaq Abbasi

Media Coordinator

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Lead Developer

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