Accounts Section (Downloads)

1) Pay Source Form 012) Pay Source Form 02
3) Pay Source Form 034) AC Bill Form
5) Budget Availability Form6) Budget Coded Proforma
7) ACR Gazetted (16 and above)8) ACR Non-Gazetted (BPS-01 to BPS-15)
9) Synopsis10) TA Bill + Rates
11) Bank Loan Clearance Certificate12) Deduction Codes
13) District Codes14) Last Pay Certificate
15) Expenditure Statement

Pension Section (Downloads)

1) Pension Papers2) Pension Letter
3) Retirement Application Form4) Retirement Undertaking
5) Non-Involvement Certificate (Pensioner)6) No Demand Certificate
7) Accuracy Certificate8) Descriptive Roll Form
9) Qualifying Service Certificate10) Clearance Certificate
11) 35% Option Form12) Declaration and Affidavit
13) Life Certificate (Pensioner)14) Option Form for Pensioner
15) Without Pension Benefit Certificate16) Pension Certificates (All)

GP Fund Section (Downloads)

1) GP Fund Form 012) GP Fund Form 05
3) GP Fund Form 064) GP Fund Form 10
5) General Claim Verification Proforma (GCVP)

Leave Section (Downloads)

1) Leave Application Forms (Gazetted)2) Casual Leave Proforma

Benovelent Fund (B/F) Downloads

1) Benevolent Fund Form (Retirement)2) Benevolent Fund Form (Death)
3) B/F Regular Deduction Certificate4) B/F Non-Payment Certificate
5) Non Marriage Certificate6) Non-Separation Certificate
7) Single Widow Certificate8) Invalidation Certificate
9) B/F Interest-Free Loan Form10) Surety Certificate (Loan)
11) Funeral Charges Form12) B/F Merit Scholarship Form

Education Employees Foundation Fund (EEF) Downloads

1) EEF Fund Application Form2) EEF Regular Deduction Certificate
3) EEF Non-Payment Certificate

Retirement Benefit & Death Compensation Fund (RBDC) Downloads

1) RBDC Retirement Form2) RBDC Death Form
3) Pay Stoppage Certificate4) Death During Service Certificate
5) Descriptive Roll Form6) Leave Account Form

Financial Assistance Fund (Downloads)

1) Financial Assistance Form2) Specimen Sign DDO

Miscellaneous Proformas (Downloads)

1) Charge Report2) Relieving Chit
3) Arrival Report