Human Resource Information System

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has brought a very exclusive change regarding the Data Collection of the employees of the Education Department by introducing the Personal Data Collection Questionnaire via Human Resource Information System (HRIS), for each Employee.

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Department provides its employees (Education Department) the following in the Human Resource Information System KPK Form for the purpose of data collection of employees.

Benefits of Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

  • Through this Personal Data Collection Questionnaire, Department will be able to make a digital profile of each employee who is working in the Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • In the initial phase, all the employees whether they are from teaching/non-teaching staff or of the management cadre shall provide their data on the Human Resource Information System KPK (E&SE) Questionnaire and after that, they will be given access (online) having their personal data which will be editable.
  • In future times, the same will be used for all kinds of postings/transfers as well as promotions and all the type of HR planning and decisions making which will benefit the education system as well as employees.

In this regard, Education-Eaze provides you with this Personal Data Collection Questionnaire (online form filling) merely for your ease and accuracy in the form filling. This online form/questionnaire will not only save you time and energy but also focus on accuracy level.

For your more convenience, we have also put a tutorial related to this Human Resource Information System (E&SE) Questionnaire filling at the top right of this page.

After filling the Human Resource Information System KPK (HRIS Form) as above, the user/employee should login to HRIS Login KPK (for individual person) to submit the form and update his/her profile accordingly. For office or school profile use this link HRIS KPK Online Registration.

Instructions for Filling Online Questionnaire Form

Questionnaire/Form has been divided in to two Sections (A & B) so we will discuss/instruct the both in relevant sections.


This section is about the basic information of the employees. For your ease, have managed to convey it to you in the below mentioned points. Remember, you can go to every serial number by pressing TAB button on the keyboard.

  • First of all, you need to insert your Name and Father’s Name (Correct Spelling) in the Block Letters in S.No. 01 & 02 respectively.
  •  Then in S.No. 03 mark/select the column of gender.
  • Similarly, select the required column from S.No. 04 & 05.
  • In S.No. 06, write down your husband name in case you are a married female employee.
  • Like above, select the desired columns from S.No. 07 & 08 which relates to your spouse (if any).
  • Insert your exact date of birth in S.No. 09 as per date format is given on the performa.
  • Now, enter your CNIC No. carefully in S.No.10.
  •  In S.No 11 & 12, provide the date of first entry into Government Service and date of entry into E&SE Department correspondingly upon the directed date format.
  •   S.No.13 relates to religion, provide the religion you follow.
  • In S.No. 14, 15, 16 & 17, provide your Personnel No, GP Fund Account No, Employee NTN (If you have NTN No) & Passport No (if any) respectively.
  •  Likewise, provide your regional/provincial data from S.No. 18 to 23.
  • S.No.24 is all about the disability, if you have any kind of disability, select the correct one from the table given.
  • You are asked about your mother tongue in S.No.25.
  • S.No.26 to 30 consists of the contact/addresses details of yours, provide it in the concerned fields.
  • From S.No.31 to 33, you have to provide initial recruitment (NTS, ETEA, PCS etc), date of initial recruitment in E&SED (1st date) and initial recruitment ESED appointment quota.
  • S.No.34 asks you about dual nationality (if any).
  • S.No.35 is about resident coordinates (GPS).


  • S.No.36 comprises a table and demands you to enter the Transfer/Posting record (starting from the present post).
  • Like above, S.No.37 also comprising a table and asks you about the BPS record (start from the current BPS).
  • You are required to insert the job type (whether its regular, adhoc, project etc) and cadre group (teaching, non-teaching, ministerial, management) in S.No. 38 & 39 in that order.
  • S.No. 40 to 43 are about your academic qualification, professional qualification (Starts from the highest), skill/expertise and training received (more than three days).
  • S.No.44 is asking you about your dependants (Parents, Husband/Wife, Son, daughter etc)
  • You need to give your Bank Account Details ion S.No.45
  • S.No. 46, deals with the leave details (if any kind of leave availed) you can select the leave code depending upon the nature of leave from the leave chart provided in the questionnaire.

Congrats, you have entered all the data; make sure all the provided data is correct. You can print this filled questionnaire/form by clicking the “PRINT ICON” and clear the whole inserted data from the entire fields by clicking the “RESET ICON” at the extreme left at the bottom of the last page of the questionnaire.   

We hope that you will enjoy this amazing experience and also inform your dear ones, here is another online service as Source 2 Form. 

Note: Remember, this website do not save your any kind of data related to this form, this is just for you.

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