Threat Alert in Educational and Religious institutions

In the meeting held in the office of District Police Officer on 10/02/2021, it is shared that as per secret information received from the certain quarters, Afghan Based terrorist have planned to attack on educational and religious institutions in near future.

In order to foil evil designs of such evil intestate element, District Education Officer (Female) Abbottabad has delivered the following preventive/security measures to the subordinate offices/institutions and directed to ensure security measures. 

Notification Subject:


  1. Report suspicious situations or terrorist activities to the Control Room of Police by calling 0992-9310033
  2. Be extra-vigilant.
  3. Chowkidar must remain on duty and present on gate with Arm and Detector.
  4. Maintain Visitor Record on daily basis.
  5. No male/outsider is allowed to enter the premises of the school.
  6. Install CCTV Camera and maintain all record of all the indoor and outdoor activities.
  7. Conduct awareness/guidance campaign.
  8. Educate staff and students and disseminate information about any mishap and the prevention measures that individual should follow in the time of panic.
  9. Conduct PTC Meeting and emphasize on safely pick and drop of students.
  10. Display number of local police station/emergency number on Notice Board.
  11.  Assign duty to staff/constitute a committee regarding the inspection of school building/premises.
  12. SOS Software must be installed in a school mobile phone and fully functional.

Official Notification:

threat alert notification

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